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Letter to youth wings of former liberation movements


Dr Elijah Ngurare

As I write this letter to you, I came to these plains of Siurungu village, on the outskirt of Nkurenkuru town in northern Namibia on the border with southern Angola. It is here on these banks of the Kavango River, that my childhood memories were ignited. As a little boy in the 1970s, I looked after cattle, goats and started school under a tree at Kakuro village. Those years, we were not free. We were governed from Pretoria, South Africa by the Apartheid government. This country was called South West Africa (Namibia) and we were divided in tribal homelands. Thus, this part of the country was governed by Kavangos under “Administrasie van Kavangos”. It was my late father from whom I learned about liberation movements “SWAPO ya Semma”; “MPLA ya Netu”, “UNIP ya Kaunda” and “ANC ya Tambo”.

Today, Namibia is free and is ruled by SWAPO while Angola is ruled by MPLA and South Africa is ruled by the ANC. The same goes to other former liberation movements like CCM (Tanzania), ZANU PF (Zimbabwe) and FRELIMO (Mozambique). Only UNIP (Zambia) is out of power. It is also true that Africa is now in the hands of Africans. There is no guarantee that we shall rule forever, if no decisive and deliberate effort is made to lay a strong ideological foundation in the hearts and minds of our young people.

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